Sunsets 1

I’ve been painting the sunset in my backyard for the past 2 days - lighting changes rapidly so I can usually nail 2-3 in the 30 - 45 minute span. If you ever decide to do this - I strongly recommend a speedy medium like pastels or digital painting. Mixing paint this quickly is pretty difficult but not impossible - that will be another goal down the line. Sunsets are so mesmerizing, my eyes tend to either over react or under react depending on my frame of mind. The idea here is that during this month my eyes would become more sensitive to the nuance of color/value/light and I would be able to eventually come up with some more sophisticated palettes. As an artist who primarily designs lighting for film - a sunset is something I’m asked to do pretty often and it can easily feel mundane but the beautiful thing about light is that its never the same - Monet made that point pretty clear in his studies.

Sunset Study 01.jpg