Expressing moments

Wen’t down to UCLA one afternoon and setup in the middle of the hustle and bustle of professors and students rushing around, turned on some John Adams and tried my best to capture the feeling.


My daughter Elinor has recently turned 6, she’s in kindergarten and as cliche as many truths in life are, she’s growing up incredibly fast. She’s often my subject when I’m sketching or painting on the weekends, the focus is not on developing my skillset but rather enjoying and observing her at that particular moment in time. It’s what I do at soccer practice or dance class and it’s a real joy to be able to fully soak it all in. Life goes by too fast.

Pencil Drawing  - Scanned and color added digitally

Pencil Drawing - Scanned and color added digitally

Blushing Light

blushing Llght

lovingly crafted

gifted to man

quick to leave

the more I seek You

the more foolish I am

blushing light.jpg

24x36 in Pastel on Mi Tientes Touch